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2009-09-25 23:12:27 by masterross

I have been sick for a week now so my animation is at a slow process.

Based of Madness its not that good though...

Still going for 14000 medal points!

My friend might be comin ova to help me on animation not sure tho


2009-09-23 19:13:29 by masterross

I am thinking what to do next on my flash?
Also going for 14000 Medal points!

I broke 12000! Now for 14000!

2009-09-19 21:16:16 by masterross

Celebration With groin shot towards Fred!

/* */
Happy Madness Day 09

stupid school

Going for 12000 Medal points!

2009-09-05 23:20:31 by masterross

Finished, When Pigs Fly!
Got The highest score for september on alkie kong 2!
I messed around in Enigmata by right clicking foward at the end and I skiped levels it was pretty cool!
Ninja medal on dadgame didnt work

School for me starts sept. 9th


Epic Battle Fantasy 2

2009-08-21 00:40:40 by masterross

I can get all those medals in a cinch but epic battle fantasy 1 still have 1 medal left!

Toss the Turtle

2009-08-17 20:07:50 by masterross

Re buy the bazooka if the gold shell isnt working!

Medal Grabbing

2009-08-05 19:47:49 by masterross

Im just having fun getting medals!


2009-06-14 21:38:32 by masterross

:( havent found a good character that jumps action code